Christian Humanism

Christian Humanism is the belief that human freedom, individual conscience, rational inquiry and a commitment to the values taught by Jesus as a guide to the ethical life are not only compatible with Christianity, they are fundamental to a proper understanding and interpretation of Christian belief. Being a Christian means at the least feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, healing the sick, supporting the poor, comforting the lonely, seeking peace and standing with the powerless against the mighty.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Christian Fundamentalist Cruelty To The Transgendered

The State of North Carolina just passed a law that prohibits transgender people from entering any public restroom other than the one conforming to their sex as identified on their birth certificate, prohibits any third restroom not identified as male or female as an attempt to accommodate transgendered people, and further prohibits any city, county or local ordinance that conflicts with that state law, or any school district policy that states otherwise.

It is unfortunate that the right wing social barbarians of North Carolina, who claim this action in the name of their Christian freedom to discriminate, cannot grasp the fact that transgender people do not choose that life style and should not be punished for being true to who they are.

What does it matter which bathroom they use? North Carolina is just making itself look bad and shooting itself in the economic butt.  If a person wearing a dress and possessing a penis (or has had it removed) subsequently enters a women's bathroom and uses a private stall (which is all they have there) how would anyone know or care?  If a person with a vagina but wearing men's clothing enters a men's room and uses a stall (they can't use the urinal) who would notice or care? 

Why compound the issues further by prohibiting public entities from having bathrooms that are private and gender neutral the way they do now for baby changing rooms? Why interfere with local governments who take a more tolerant and compassionate view? When are we going to stop catering to the right wing loonies who deny everyone else the right to move into the 21st Century and claim their presumed religious freedom as their rationale to act like the bigots they are? Why shouldn't the fried chicken people or the golden arches folks be able to build a third bathroom if it makes their customers more comfortable?  Citizens of the modern world that most of us live in should indicate their disgust by boycotting North Carolina until it comes to its senses and stops catering to the fundamentalist Christian bigots who want to run everyone else's lives.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Surrogate Father and Mentor Wanted

This is a different posting that my usual commentary on here but I have been inactive on this site because I have taken on a role as counselor on an international site and in that context I have come across a situation that I have been unable to deal with effectively without reaching a wider audience.  So here goes:

 Are there any adult males or families out there who are willing to mentor and assume the role of surrogate father to a 16 year old boy who lives in Europe, has been abandoned by his family and desperately wants a father’s guidance, interest and love?

Here in brief is the situation: The boy attends secondary school where he will graduate in the summer of 2017. He wants to attend university but needs guidance, assistance and emotional support from a father figure to finish his current studies while living in an unheated home with parents who are constantly drunk and have told him they do not want him. He is managing to get by under very difficult circumstances. He is an intelligent young man with good values and maturity, sensitive, considerate, artistic, emotionally stable and in good health. His primary language is not English, he is largely self-taught but takes English classes in his school and is fluent in English. He would like someone to adopt him but that is too difficult to accomplish, so alternatively he wants someone to care for him enough to provide emotional support for him to finish his education in eastern Europe and to continue that role as mentor as he grows into adulthood.

Is anyone on here up to the challenge? The ideal person would be someone who has a family of his own, who will take the time to contact this young man regularly, who will visit him in his country in Europe and (if a visa can be obtained) bring him for a visit to his own home. 

I would gladly undertake this role myself, but I am 79 and we have agreed that I am too old to be his surrogate father as he grows into adulthood, so I am acting as intermediary to do initial screening and background check for his protection and advise him as he makes his decision, since this will be a life changing decision both for him and for the person who is willing to take him on.  Obviously full and complete information will need to be exchanged throughout the process. If you are interested send me a message [here] and we will go from there.