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Christian Humanism is the belief that human freedom, individual conscience, rational inquiry and a commitment to the values taught by Jesus as a guide to the ethical life are not only compatible with Christianity, they are fundamental to a proper understanding and interpretation of Christian belief. Being a Christian means at the least feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, healing the sick, supporting the poor, comforting the lonely, seeking peace and standing with the powerless against the mighty.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Surrogate Father and Mentor Needed

As part of my commitment to compassion and service to others I have undertaken a role as counselor to youth on an international site. I have been working with a young man in Europe for almost two years and in that context I have come across a situation that I have been unable to deal with effectively without reaching out to a wider audience and getting some help.  So here goes:

Here in brief is the situation: The young man is 17 now and will become 18 in July.  He attends secondary school where he will graduate in the spring of 2017 with a certificate as a licensed electrician.  During July and August he has a mandatory internship. 

He has been living in an unheated home with parents who are alcoholic and constantly drunk.  They have told him all his life they do not want him. He is managing to get by under very difficult circumstances. He is an intelligent young man with good values and maturity, sensitive, considerate, artistic, and emotionally stable and in good health. He is largely self-taught in English and is fluent.  He writes very capably.  I converse with him by text every day.

Here is a video Sebastian created to say how he feels.  It’s worth watching: 

The objective:  (1) Get him out of eastern Europe to Canada or the UK, where he can start life anew;  (2) Find a family for him with a mentor and father surrogate who will help him adjust to his new country and guide him into adulthood. 

[The original plan was to get him to the U.S., but recent developments in immigration have eliminated the visa categories we had intended and getting a “green card” as permanent resident by lottery is too uncertain.]

Are there any adult males or families out there who are willing to mentor and assume the role of surrogate father to a young man who has been abandoned by his family and desperately wants fatherly guidance, interest and love?  Is anyone in Canada or the UK up to the challenge?

I wish I could assume that role myself but I cannot get him to the US.  I am acting as intermediary to do initial screening and background check for his protection and advise him as he makes his decision, since this will be a life changing decision both for him and for the family or individual willing to take him.  Obviously full and complete information will need to be exchanged throughout the process. If you are interested in helping this young man send me a message [here] and we will go from there. 

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